Emirates Airline is wholly owned by the Dubai Government. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
and Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, is Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE.


The FA's partnership with Emirates suggests that the FA's is prepared to turn a blind eye to institutional sexism and homophobia, if a sponsor offers them enough money.

Open letter from four professional trade associations
March 2015 open letter from the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and three other trade associations condemning Emirates and two other Gulf Airlines for failing to grant “fundamental human rights” to their employees and barring LGBT people from employment.

Jennifer Aniston attacked for becoming face of ‘homophobic’ airline
August 2015 Pink News article highlighting the Association of Professional Flight Attendants' concerns about Emirates discrimination against women and gay employees.

Forced to stay single and facing the sack if they get pregnant, the staggeringly sexist rules for female cabin crew on Gulf airlines 
February 2015 Daily Mail article highlighting the International Transport Workers' Federation's concerns about Emirates and Qatar Airways "flagrant abuses of aviation workers' labour rights".


The next time you send a tweet poking fun at the government or share a link to a non-state-approved charity on Facebook, be thankful you don’t live in Dubai under the rule of Emirates' owners, where such acts could see you forcibly disappeared, imprisoned and tortured.

Amnesty International Report 2016/17: United Arab Emirates
The UAE section of Amnesty International's latest report on the state of the the world's human rights.

Human Rights Watch: United Arab Emirates
The UAE section of the Human Rights Watch web site.

Man faces jail term in Dubai for Facebook link to charity
August 2016 Guardian article on the case of Scott Richards, the UK-Australian citizen arrested for sharing a link to a US charity raising funds for blankets and socks for refugee children.

… presiding over a MODERN-DAY SLAVE STATE …

If you’ve ever wondered how Emirates' owners can afford to build and maintain jaw-droppingly spectacular structures like the Burj Khalifa tower, the answer is “by exploiting millions of migrant workers in conditions close to slavery”.

Trump in Dubai: Vice Debrief Interview
2016 HBO Vice debrief interview with investigative reporter Ben Anderson following his report on Dubai’s migrant workers, including those building the Trump International Golf Club.

"I Already Bought You": Abuse and Exploitation of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in the United Arab Emirates
2014 Human Rights Watch report.

Dubai's skyscrapers, stained by the blood of migrant workers
2011 Guardian article on Dubai’s exploitative labour practices.


FA confirms that Emirates will sponsor the FA Cup in £30m deal
May 2015 Guardian article confirming three-year sponsorship deal.

Arsenal sign new £150m sponsorship deal with Emirates
November 2012 Drum article confirming five-year sponsorship deal.

Is English football so desperate for cash that we have to take dirty money?
Or is it time to show the red card to Emirates sponsorship?

In March 2017 FIFA announced a new commitment to ensure that a respect for human rights was embedded in all of football’s activities, based on the recommendations set out in an independent report. Page 36 of that report states that the “primary obligation to respect, protect, and fulfil human rights” should apply to football's corporate sponsors.

If you agree that the FA are bringing the game into disrepute by accepting money to promote a human rights abusing sponsor, let the FA know by encouraging them to:

  Cancel their existing FA Cup sponsorship deal with Emirates at the earliest possible opportunity.
  Reject any future sponsorship deals with Emirates or any other businesses whose owners are guilty of serious human rights abuses.
  Encourage Arsenal FC and other FA members to take a similarly principled approach towards sponsorship.

You can tweet the FA on @FA using the hashtag #KickOutEmirates.

Tweet: The @FA should not accept money to promote human rights abusers.
#KickOutEmirates #EmiratesFACup

Email them on info@thefa.com

Write to them at:

The Football Association
Wembley Stadium
PO Box 1966

Or phone them on 0800 169 1863


Further reading:

For the Game. For the World: FIFA & Human Rights
John Ruggie’s 2016 FIFA-commissioned report containing recommendations on how a respect for human rights can be embedded in global football. Page 36 of the report states that the “primary obligation to respect, protect, and fulfil human rights” should apply to football's corporate sponsors.
Click here to download a pdf of the complete report

Human rights on world football agenda
March 2017 FIFPro report on FIFA’s new independent advisory board, created to ensure that human rights are respected in all of football's activities

Football can no longer be blind to human rights abuses
2013 Left Foot Forward article highlighting how repressive Gulf regimes are using UK football to project a positive image of themselves abroad.



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